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Mazes, Martians, Mead

[Traveller] Religious Organisation Generator

Religious Organisation Generator

Roll on I., II., and III. and add together.

I. Roll 2d6

2. Imperial
3. Universal
4. All-encompassing
5. Stellar
6. Galactic
7. Eldritch
8. Technocratic
9. Orthodox
10. Reformed
11. Egegrious
12. Ancient

II. Roll 2d6

2. Druids of
3. Sisters of
4. Brotherhood of
5. Sisterhood of
6. Brothers of
7. Knights of
8. Order of
9. Church of
10. Temple of
12. Bards of

III. Roll 3d6

3. Information/Data
4. Water
5. the Wind
6. the Flame
7. Humanity
8. the Ancients
9. Light
10. Darkness
11. the Divine
12. the Machine
13. the Body
14. Sylea [insert appropriate capital here]
15. Zhdant [insert appropriate foreign capital here]
16. the Mind/the Force
17. the Emperor
18. Metal

Well, this is just a small generator to create some background noise for any particular new world. It does not flesh out anything, but it will allow to fill some gaps in between. Just to know what organisation that particular group of pilgrims comes from, or what denomination that chapel next to the spaceport is.


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