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[Labyrinth Lord] Prehistoric Encounter Tables

And for the sake of playtesting: some encounter tables that would fit in with the character I posted a while ago. Nothing too fancy,  just some things I threw together.

2d6 Wilderness Encounter

2. Raiding Party

3. Mastodon

4. Sabretooth Tiger

5. Tribal Gatherers (Roll on Tribal Party Table)

6. Aurochs

7. Boar

8. Stag

9. Tribal Hunting Party (Roll on Tribal Party Table)

10. Cave Bear

11. Wolf

12. Warg

2d6 Cave Encounter

2. Morlocks

3. Goblins

4. Cave bear

5. Sabretooth Tiger

6. Bats

7. Troglodytes

8. Tribal Party (Roll on Tribal Party Table)

9. Ropers

10. Dwarves

11. Grey Oooze

12. Troglodytes

2d6 Tribal Party Table

2. Elves

3. Centaur

4. Hobbits

5. Neanderthals

6. Humans

7. Humans

8. Humans

9. Neanderthals

10. Goblins

11. Kobolds

12. Orcs

The picture above is from The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone by Margaret A. McIntyre, illustrated by Irma Deremeaux.


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