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Speaking of Cavemen…

Asia Obscura has a short report about modern day people in Shanxi living in caves. Not too surprising for me, the climate in them lends itself to be lived in I guess. I still remember from work a few years back that being in the cave in summer was not the worst part of it: It was cool there when outside the temperatures were soaring. The real shock came when coming out of the cave.

And when I was working there in the winter the cave at least kept one warm (-er) Well, it still was only 9 Celsius in there, but it was better than sitting outside in the cold. Yeah, my employers didn’t really think people working in  a wooded hut at 10 below freezing might need, well, heat.[1]

People still are using this principle, but as so often the tradition is slowly eroded by modern life: only the old live there now, the young ones having moved away to the big city. Yeah, THEIR children will be back I guess, but then they’ll built their own caves with wireless internet and running water. Or something like that.

Anyway, interesting post about people living in caves, and nice pictures going with it.


[1] or running water. Or toilets. Or breaks. Or money. etc.


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