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[Traveller] 2d6 Random Space Pilgrim Garb Table

2d6 Random Pilgrim Garb Table

2. rough and uncomfortable looking hempen clothes, straw hats
3. dressed in uniform/habit
4. recycled plastics/garbage
5. wide robes
6. synthetic garb with phrases from the holy books moving all over it in strange patterns
7. plain white robes
8. completely veiled
9. nudist
10. sexy nurse uniforms (even if male)
11. leather and lace
12. space opera jump suits

Yeah, what an oddly specific table. But I thought about having a few different groups of religious pilgrims in my game. Think of that time in Babylon 5 where all these aliens came to the station because something connected with their faith had appeared at this place. Think about all the fun that could be had with different groups of believers battling for supremacy over a holy site.

Well… okay, fun might be the wrong word here.


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