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Donald Duck, Berserker

This little bit appeared in Dragon 52 (1982) and presents Donald Duck as how he would look ingame. Well… the notoriously litigious TSR estate decides to present a character from the notoriously litigious Wald Disney company. Daring.

Still, might be interesting as a legendary NPC for the duckfolk.

Presented as a joke character of course, and modelled on the prevalent picture Americans have of the character. Growing up with his comics I see him a bit more heroic and less cartoonish than this. Thanks to the comics Walt Disney publishes in Europe (mostly written by Italians) Donald is seen as more of a sympathetic underdog who always gets the big end of the stick.

Also the idea of a Duck as a character in a fantasy game might be a bit more acceptable here. Every once in a while there are outright fantasy stories involving the Ducks in the comics. Or science fiction stories. Or in at least one case even one in which the Walt Disney characters play a roleplaying game.


One response to “Donald Duck, Berserker

  1. ThePaganSun February 28, 2015 at 4:22 am

    Although I totally agree that Donald is much more complex than just his temper (I, too, loved reading the comics!), but I think that THIS is what Donald should’ve truly been in Kingdom Hearts. A badass, raging warrior…not the physically weak, mediocre mage they made him. It’s like Disney forgot how much of a physical fighter and how physcially strong Donald really was (he punched out a shark in rage among other feats!). Plus, he would NEVER agree to have Mickey as a king! And they made nice-guy, pacifist Goofy the warrior?! HUH?! Ugh…that’s why I’m not into KH.

    But I’m glad that the Disney Infinity 2.0 game has Donald as strong and physical as he was supposed to be! And although it’s not canon, I think the stats above fit him rather well so thanks for sharing it! 🙂


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