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Mazes, Martians, Mead


  • Crushing Skulls has a write up for Australopitheci. If there is one thing I never will get rid off it’s automatically assigning correct Latin plurals to words even if I suck at everything else in that language. But 6 years of Latin in school will do that to you. Sometimes I have to correct myself from saying Pizzae. Anyway, fits into my thoughts about prehistoric campaigning.
  • Hill Cantons wondered about adding Pendragon-like Epic time to D&D: Adventurers will only go on adventure about once a year. This will lead to them having to deal with age at one point, but on the other hand it might be more realistic (if you want something like that), and more epic. With this idea you can play a whole family one after another
  • He also was wondering “How to awesome up fantasy maps“. I think I will have to get this a German spin soon because hexmaps never actually were that big in the German scene

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