Stuffed Crocodile

Mazes, Martians, Mead

[Traveller] New Bermuda

The characters are approached by local officials of Bad Habit (C877644-6), a backwater with only a few ten million inhabitants, no great resources to speak and only some small industry. The word ‘backwater’ was made for this world. It has a few small cities all over the world and one larger centre close to the starport.

All in all not much is happening on this world besides people moving in and people moving away to get rich somewhere else. Baran Doherty is a local politician, and he came up with a wonderful new idea: Let’s attract some tourism! Why not pretend to have something mysterious on the world so more people will come to the planet and bring money in while trying to investigate something completely fictious. What real harm can it do, after all? Think Bermuda Triangle or Nessie on good old Earth. Think of the money it might bring in!

The locale of choice is on one of the smaller, barely explored continents, a hellishly boring place covered by swamp and jungle. Why not pretend to have something interesting there for a change? As nobody ever found anything of worth there anyway and nobody will mind a few offworlders hunting spectres there.

The characters are hired to do something with this idea, and with ‘do something’ they mean make some nice mysterious things happen.

Where to go from here?
1. Everything is as presented, one might run into troubles with local authorities though, not everybody is convinced about the idea, not everybody has been told about it.
2. Like 1., but someone decided it was a good idea to make a documentary for local TV out of the whole process
3. Like 2. but instead of a documentary it’s a reality TV series
4. Like 3. but some of the participants of the series might actually start to vanish to make the series more interesting
5. there is something genuinely alien/ancient in the jungle and the characters run afoul of an undetected old defence mechanism
6. Like 6., but the mechanism is actually a whole alien civilization living in the swamps


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