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[Labyrinth Lord] The Erudite Cat

Cat, Erudite
Requirements: DEX 12 STR: max 9
Prime Requisite: CHA
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 10
Advance: As Thief
Attack: As Thief
Saves: As Thief

If there is one creature absolutely convinced it is superior to everyone else, it is the common cat. Most of them never see the need to learn another language than their own (or possess the ability to) but sometimes a Cat might be gifted with extraordinary talent and/or uncommon interest in the affairs of the big folks (other cats call these cats crazy).

Often a cat like this is adopted as a familiar by a magic user or other scholar. The cat of course will contest this view. In their eyes the human/sentient is graced by the cat’s willingness to live with them. And looking at the odd charms they bring with them it is hard to argue about that. In most cases, no matter how this actually is going, the life of humanoids and cats together is beneficial for both of them. The cat is provided shelter, social environment to lord over, and food, the humanoids are provided with an effective scourge of all those pests that would spoil their food. Also, at least when able to talk to humanoid beings, they can provide a very detached view of human society that might help spellcasters greatly in the understandiung of the world.
Cats do have their own magic, and while they never teach it to outsiders, one might even argue that they cannot teach it as it mostly is innate ability, they can provide interesting insights into the astral world at large.

They are of human intelligence and are sneaky and watchful creatures, having a highly organized society based on military service in wars with cats from other worlds such as Saturn and Uranus. They also wage war on the rat-like Zoogs of the Enchanted Woods near Ulthar, and others who would harm cats.

Cats can speak Cat, Common, and a few other languages the cat might have picked up somewhere
Cats Attributes are rolled the same way as a normal character, but they can only have a maximum Str score of 6 due to their small build.

Cats cannot wear armor or use any weapon except their natural teeth and claws (not that they ever would get the idea to do that anyway). They can attack three times per round, two claws and one bite, for 1d2 dmg + Str bonus per attack.

Cats are stealthy little creatures. They can use the Thief abilites Move Silently , Climb Walls , Hide in Shadows , and Hear Noise as a Thief of three levels higher than the Cat. (A second level Cat makes his rolls as if a fifth level Thief.)
The naturally stealthy cat also surprise foes 1-4 on a 1d6.

Because they are so small, cats have a lower armor class (-2) when attacked by creatures of human sized and larger.

And my series of whimsical creatures and classes for LL continues…


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