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[DSA] Executive Meddling: Das Schwarze Auge

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Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye). and I mean the whole title of the game is one big case of executive meddling. A rather beneficial one at that. The problem came later when the publisher decided that it was so successful in this case, it would be successful in any other case as well. A bit like the way America continued to go into foreign countries as liberators just because the Germans were so damn glad to see them in ’45 (as the alternative were either keeping the Nazis or getting the Soviets it was kind of understandable). I guess we set the expectations a bit high there.

When Schmidt Spiele bought the game the author had named it Aventurien (from middle-high german: aventurie –  knightly adventure).

This did not strike the fancy of the executives. Because what the fuck did it even mean? So the Dark eyes were created, or maybe just picked out from the magic item section, and hapharzardly shoehorned in. It might actually be that they were created because of the item in the next entry of this series.

The probel remained: What the f uck DID this mean? But now it sounded mysterious and kewl. And it sold better than the old title would have ever sold.

But from the time I first opened a DSA product to the time when I roughly grasped what a dark eye actually was it took me about 3 years. They are that much of a fringe object in the gameworld.

What they are? Oh, some sort of immobile palantir copy. The most interesting part about the always was that they were made off meteoric metal that had to be crafted into a dark eye at the place it fell. It could actually not be moved afterwards: A wonderful setup for strange temples and magic towers in the middle of frigging nowhere. Because not moved meant not moved. It was supposed to be absolutely static.


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