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Mazes, Martians, Mead

Campaign Update

So far there were two more sessions for my Das Schwarze Auge campaign which I intended to write up for posterity but did not manage to. There was not really too much to tell in these cases anyway. The second session was kind of fraught with problems: there was a new player who never had played before and who did not really grok the concept of it all. And then she had to disappear midway through, which I integrated into the plot as her character suddenly had disappeared in the morning. Luckily this was also the time when I finally managed to find out what the plot of the session was (yes, two hours into the adventure…) so his disappearance caused even more befuddlement and paranoia than before. In the end the problem turned out to be a demonic stalker they had contracted while being in the mine in the first session. Which, after all, had been an ancient storage facility for demons. They also had gained a druidic fetish the session before which worked as a protection of the demonic presence that was following them. Every time they tried to apprehend the demon he was driven away, every time he tried to hurt them he could not come near. In the end he resorted to attacking random people and creatures along their way, with them growing ever more paranoid. Quite good for a solution that had been strung together way too late.

The third session went similar. I made use of Jeff Rient’s Carousing tables (because they are awesome) and half the evening was already filled by their results. The Scoundrel got into some really bad business and found herself charged with a mission by her god (Phex, the god of thieves’ of course), the Fighter lost all her money gambling, and the Mage got turned into a pig. When all that was done they managed to gain a new goal: getting to Thorwal city in the North for some reason. To get there they became guards on a riverboat going down the Big River (not much thought went into that name…) and got involved in what seems to be a murder plot (in other words: the classic module River of Doom. No, wait, that has to be said different: River. Of. DOOOOOOOMMM! Oh how I love these cheesy titles…)


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