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So, one of my adventure seeds has appeared in Freelance Traveller #19 (Diplomatic Heavyweights to be exact).

Which reminds me that I really haven’t been a contributor for too many RPG zines the last few years. I think the last thing (the only thing? No, there must have been a few more things I’m sure…) was an article in Memoria Myrana #7, all the way back in 2005 (in German, and in a background and system that nobody but some fanatics like). At least that’s the last thing I remember. But I was damn proud of that one and that is why I drag it out here as well. I doubt anyone ever used it. My own group imploded before I ever got around using it back then.

Anyway: Traveller. I finally am getting together a group, largely exactly the same people that played Das Schwarze Auge with me so far, but also some other, new people, and maybe I finally get to have some campaign in that system as well. It will certainly be interesting (again) looking at the players: one of the players will be a girl who never watched or read any science fiction at all (well, besides Star Wars that is, and if that’s science fiction is debatable)

Which will be even more fun when I get around introducing these people to Paranoia. For some reason the thought about playing a game about a authoritarian society full of double-talk and backstabbing in a country that still remembers life under the communist regime with people actually born in these times, sounds really, really… interesting.


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