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Traveller Session 1 and 2

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Well, so finally I manage to get a group together for Traveller. Basically it was the same as my Das Schwarze Auge crew, with the addition of another of my colleagues.
The interesting thing about her is that she has, according to her, absolutely no clue about Science Fiction. She saw Star Wars, she told me, but how far that is actual Science Fiction might be anyone’s guess.
So, the first session was not much, we basically had some character generation going on (the players loved Traveller’s career path generation), meeting in a bar, getting a small survey mission, then being off for the next world (Trane).
It would have been such a nice and easy trip if one of them had not decided to show a bit of madness. Gaia (the new player’s character) turned out to be quite suicidal and turned off the ship’s computers mid-jump, because she could. That behaviour has not really changed in between, she is rather a nuisance when she is around. Yes it drives the plot forward, but sometimes it might be nice to have logical NPC reactions to normal actions and not a constant fight against madness.
On Trane (which the ship managed to reach slightly worse for the wear) she found her new calling in finding “her love”. And ends up in a hotel room with a drunk country bumbkin.

Session 2 was easier, mostly because Gaia was not actually around. I actually ran the “Dragonhunters of Trane” scenario, and astonishingly the characters did not go too far from what I had planned. It had been planned rather open-ended on the other hand. They managed to get a grav tank, went dragon hunting, managed to kill a dragon with great difficulty, then found out that could not have been the dragon who raided the cattle compounds. Came across evidence that there was something more going on, captured some Aslan and then attacked the Aslan base with the help of a gravtank and two small patrol boats. Then they managed to down an Aslan corsair with much rejoicing.
All in all a very satisfying adventure all around.

For the next one Gaia’s player wanted to bring two more players. Her fiance did actually show up, the other one (luckily) not. I only had a small chat with him before on Facebook and I am not really sure he is ready to get into something as conceptually complicated as Traveller: When I tried to explain what Traveller was he could not grasp the concept of a RPG without class system (But you must have SOME classes!) and then decided that as it was Science Fiction it had to be Cyberpunk and wanted to play a Cyberassassin with retractable Katanas.
Sure, whatever…


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