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[Traveller] Trane (Glisten 2038)

Hunting of Sperm whale

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My version of the UPP for Trane. For some reason I took some liking to this small world. But well, my players already wanted to move on.



UWP: C639422-B

PBG: 704

TRADE CODES: Non-industrial

ALLEGIANCE: Third Imperium

STELLAR DETAILS: Primary Star: F4 V Binary Star: M3 D

Trane could have been much more successful, had it not been for the unfortunate fact that it was lying between three rather successful systems, all in jump-2 proximity. Between Glisten, Horosho, and New Rome the only thing that makes Trane interesting for traders is the local fishing and whaling industry which gives the small local community (ca. 70.000 souls, among them about 3.000 dolphins) some good money, while letting them benefit from the good technology of their neighbours.

Nearly nothing is really manufactured on Trane itself except for agricultural products. This is mostly due to the immensely successful attempt to transfer Terran sperm whales to the newly settled planet as an experiment in the early 400s. Now the export of Tranian whale meat and “Tran” (whale oil*) provides most of the money for both the comparatively large emergency and communications infrastructure, and for the local starport.

Tourism never really took off in this system: Visitors from other worlds still are rare, especially because to enjoy this cold world people have to use breather masks for prolonged stays outside.

The only other remarkable thing about the system, the ancient site that has been found in the southern part of Easterland (one of two small continents), has been cordoned off by the Imperium and only will allow few, if any, visitors into it. So the only visitors the planet gets are the freighters that sell their produce to the other systems in the subsector, and the very occasional jump-1 or -2 ship going through to other, more interesting places. The locals are not that unhappy about it. The only proper city on the planet, Tranhavn ( 15.000), situated on a small archipelago in just off the westcoast of Westland serves both as the local starport and as a capital of sorts, mostly concerned with providing a small infrastructure for communication and emergencies, and as a worldwide and interstellar tradehub for the whalers and the few farmers from the mainland, if one can call it like that.

The small unit of Marines stationed around the Ancient site are always welcome as they bring some money and excitement into the community, but otherwise in this town (and planet) not much seems to be happening. Not that the locals would like it if there actually was anything happening here anyway. Mostly from Solomani-Scandinvian stock they long have accepted imperial culture as just what they are, speaking Galanglic with only a few random Scandinavian snippets thrown in, and are happy to go off planet for a while to trade, and come back with money and a few gimmicks (and/or spouses) they found on Glisten, or New Rome, or Horonsho. Funnily enough they too like to do holidays though. If they ever are struck with the mood of going abroad and to bask in the warm sun they hitch a ride on one of the tradeships and go to nearby Craw to enjoy a few weeks without filter masks, but never venturing too far from the hotels. Many of them joke about the fact that Claw, being a desert world with only a small polar sea, is pretty much their direct opposite, and they enjoy being, for once, the interstellar jetset, when normally they are regarded as country yokels.

* local legend has it that this also is the reason why the planet now is called “Trane” instead of some complicated survey number


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