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[Labyrinth Lord] Martian Artifacts

red weed, life from mars.

Image by adav via Flickr

And a few small items for buffing up my Martian Bloodeaters from before. I think I should have created more potions, mostly because according to the treasure tables those are the only things normal Martians would carry around. I don’t think a normal Martian would carry around a magic sword or some scrolls. What would those be for anyway? So here are a few other things to stock that Martian lair with.

Heatreay Gun
A smaller version of the fearsome heatray this weapon comes in the form of a small silver tube that can be handled by the tentacles of the Hermatophages. With smaller stature this also is less effective, doing only about 1d6 damage per hit. Every tube is loaded with up to 1d10 shot, after this battery has to be replaced by a new one. This weapon makes damage that counts as fire damage against creatures and materials especially susceptible to it.

Crystal Egg
This artifact of Martian ingenuity is a particularily interesting example of Martian science and sorcery, two areas of expertise that can lie surprisingly close together. On first glance a rather large gemstone of otherwise unknown heritage this in truth is a reconaissance/communication device that, when looking into it from the right angle, allows the user to see whatever another near-identical stone can see. This can work over unlimited distances and is designed to work even through ethereal and other barriers. The one stone always shows exactly what the other sees and the other way around. It does not allow for sound though, only visuals of the other side are possible.

Red Weed
While the Hermatophages do not need any other food than whatever they can gain from their cattle, they still have another fondness: the so called Red Weed. This reddish plant is often brought to new settlements of Hermatophages, often it is the first sign that a new colony of them has been set uo close. It’s particular growing habits are rather unusual, as it first spreads like wildfire, in new areas, only to then wither and die soon enough as the minerals it needs have been used up. Then it will grow in much smaller amounts and be less effective, if not treated by specific ways that only the Hermatophages really know about. Many of their settlements will be widely recognizable from afar by nearly wild Red Weed gardens, rarely really tended to by their owners. Ruins of Hermatophage origin are often recognizable by the red weed that grows there, unchecked and wild and slowly diminishing.
The reason for this fondness is different but clear: Red Weed, as grown by the Hermatophages themselves is nearly inedible for anyone but them, but it does give an euphoric effect when being smoked and/or used in balms for the body of the Hermatophages. Members of other races find the weed rather metallic in taste, and at best mildly stimulating. Some (about 10%) even develop ugly rashes after longer contact with red weed based products.

Red Weed Potion
Used as a stimulant of sorts by the Hermatophages this potion is taken for the sake of being able to better concentrate and think. Naturally the effect on other beings that are not Hermatophages is different and normally includes heavy hallucinations. There is a possibility it also increases the thought processes of bipedals, but so far none have been found, as the hallucinations normally were so strong as to be completely overwhelming in effect.


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