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Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

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There are things one might expect from a movie like “Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame” and logic is not one of them. Still, the essential Chineseness, the unabashed nationalism, the historic hodge podge and all those other failures come together in a quite nice fantasy-action flick that can be enjoyed even without getting all the cultural references.We might just wonder a bit what exactly is going on there. It’s not really a Detective story, that’s for sure. Too many things are just dragged out into the open just to serve as another hook for a nice new action sequence.

Anyway, this was the murder weapon during the movie (obligatory RPG content):

Firebeetle Powder
Firebeetles are found in a rather distant country, somewhere over the seas, but they have been imported into other places as well due to the interesting abilities their bodies possess. They will have to be taken care of with a special diet and environment as they do not survive in sunshine. The most interesting thing to be gained from them is the powder of crushed fire beetles.
This powder is harmless in it’s dry form, but will react strongly when being put into contact with water (at which state it still is inert) and then being subjected to direct sunlight (indirect light and shadows do not seem to create this effect). The influence of sunlight will incinerate the mixture. This also affects living beings that swallowed some of this powder: if they are subjected to direct sunlight their body will start to burn out from the inside, until nothing but a smoldering pile of ash is around (1d20 damage per round!). The powder does not leave the body naturally, if no antidote is given it will stay in the  body and strike at any time the affected person enters sunlight.

And here the trailer:


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