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Get them while they’re young

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...

bricks bricks bricks bricks wonderful briiiicks!

The Evil GM is wondering if Heroica by Lego might help us getting kids hooked on RPGs. And all of a sudden I am reminded of the times when D&D was the scourge of the Earth for taking over our children! Will nobody think of the children!
Which reminded me of something else. There is already something like that around: it is called BrickQuest, and it is supposed to be a hybrid of Lego and HeroQuest. good old HeroQuest, that’s how I got my start into gaming. Also the dungeon would be cheaper and easier to build than the same thing in miniatures. Not really a fan of miniatures here, so this is a plus for me.

Oh, and there is something called BrikWars, for all those who want to have wars in there as well.

Actually, once one enters the world of adult Lego fans one realizes something very quick: Roleplayers are not the only nerds in the world.

It also reminds me of something else. back in the days when I used to go to the local cons, there was this group of roleplayers who were technically my clique (which meant that I was somehow connected by location, high school, extracurriculars, etc., although I never really fit in that group). They got this neat idea at one point to make use of their old Playmobil toys. I don’t even know if that one is international, but those things were basically larger, more action figure-like variants of Lego with similar theme ranges. They also were immensly popular in Germany when we grew up, and as far as I can see from my friends with kids, they still are.

Way hardcore... (photo by williac)

And so at one point about a third to half the convention centre (it was a very small convention centre) was taken over by a giant roleplaying/wargaming panorama with multiple storylines going on.
Actually, that was kind of the problem in the end. Instead of a wargame most players started the usual roleplaying stuff that they were doing when they were kids. So I got bored and  joined a round of Shadowrun instead.


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