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Beyond the Hills

For some reason the German translations of the Midkemia Press books were 1. having different names for pretty much everything and 2. had much better covers. Especially the second one is interesting considering what they did to, for example, Fighting FantasyGamebooks of the 80s. But here we had some people in charge of the publishing house that actually put effort into what they were publishing.

Here are the German versions of Towns of the Outlands: Jenseits der Hügel (Beyond the Hills), and the City of Carse: Corrinis, Stadt der Abenteuer (Corrinis, City of Adventure).

And yes, the right picture was sold in toystores like this. It might also be interesting to notice that both call themselves “Supplements for all Roleplaying Systems”, while being soon afterwards integrated into the Magira/Midgard campaign setting. If I remember well enough the first city supplement for DSA “Havena” claimed the same, even though it was integrated tightly into Aventuria within months after the supplement appeared.


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