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In other news: nothing is happening today

It’s my own fault. Instead of having my first Call of Cthulhu session ever today (after months of having no time for anything) I got roped into doing yet another shift at work.

Note to myself: never answer the phone when your boss is calling on your day off!

I thought I had learned that before, but obviously I didn’t.
I got talked into coming way too easy anyway. I was half-asleep when he reached me and I can’t even remember all the other things we talked about besides me taking over this shift.
It cuts into my gaming though, goddammit!

Which is especailly grating for me as I wanted to do that session of CoC since… well… forever. 
This might not really be as exaggerated as it sounds like. Call of Cthulhu was the second RPG I ever got into contact with, before even reading Lovecraft, before even knowing what RPGs are. I found articles on it in an obscure computer game magazine in 1992 and was intrigued by what was written there (it was mostly a review of the old Dunwich supplement). Especially as back then I did not have a clue how the articles related to the actual game it described. I knew the games were something similar to Das Schwarze Auge just with horror instead of fantasy. But back then I did not even know what that was about.
Funnily enough I have the rulebooks for the game, and had them for about a decade now. In multiple editions even. I just never played it.
Well, seems like I will keep on never having played it even longer.


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