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[Dungeons & Dragons] Discworld Classes 1 – Fighters

The point that must be made is that although Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan would look quite stunning after a good bath, a heavy-duty manicure, and the pick of the leather racks in Woo Hung Ling’s Orieil, soft boots, and a short sword. All right, maybe the boots were leather. But not black.

– Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic

Fighting Men/Warriors
Your common fighting man. Get a weapon, point it to the enemy, don’t die. Surprisingly effective. Variants include most heroes, most watchmen, soldiers, etc.
As in rules.

Fading as a trend (and maybe jumped the shark with self-help books like “Inne Juste 7 Dayes I wille make you a Barbearian Hero!” by Cohen the Barbarian), but still going strong in some more backw… eh… traditional places.
As in AD&D rules.

Arguably lacking on the Discworld, only a few individuals might truly be Paladins (like Carrot Ironfoundersson). The GM should play the alignment restrictions as strict as possible or not allow it at all.
As in the AD&D rules.


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