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[Dungeons & Dragons] Discworld Classes 3 – Magic Users

as magic user, mostly male; Wizards have an established university system with the Unseen University in AM as it’s core facility and for a long time also the only example. Meanwhile other schools have been recognized or established, such as Brazeneck College in Pseudopolis (Unseen Academicals), The Academy of Artificers in Sto Lat (Discworld MUD), and the Illusionary Institute of Djelibeby (Discworld MUD). Technically all these are male-only, but there are examples of female students attending due to either skill or subterfudge (GURPS DW: beards are expected, but who’s to say all of those beards are real?) There are also known schools and traditions of magic in Klatch and Krull, which seem more accepting of female students than the schools of the Sto Plains. An additional tradition is that of Hedge Wizardry which, while technically connected to traditional wizardry often works more on a traditional apprentice system, not unlike that of witches.
As Magic User in rules, might specialize as in AD&D rules into various orders. Spell list needs to be adapted.

as magic user, only female; Witches have a more common sense attitude to magic than Wizards. In many cases their spells and magics are more based on Nature and Healing, or at least less flashy than Wizards spells (except if they want to be flashy). This does not mean they are not powerful though. Their system is a more traditional apprenticeship system without much formal organization over the level of local covens. There are different traditions that are much more dedicated to specific schools of magic, with Genua having Vooodoo witches, and an organisation of Fairy Godmothers being part of the larger society of witches.
Use Magic User as in rules, spell list needs to be adapted.


3 responses to “[Dungeons & Dragons] Discworld Classes 3 – Magic Users

  1. John Ryan February 1, 2012 at 6:07 am

    Just a small not, but Brazeneck is in Pseudopolis…


  2. Geoffrey February 1, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    absolutely true that.


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