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Rescued from the Scrappy Heap


Uruk-Hai (Photo credit: Dunechaser)

I did not realize until I read Zak’s post pointing it out: Hobgoblins are Uruk-Hai.

This changes everything!

Well, not everything, but certainly my stance towards the monster. Previously I  was thinking that the name was derived from Tolkien (which it was), but that the creature itself never actually appeared in Tolkien’s writing. As far as I remember the only mention was a brief half-sentence in the Hobbit. But no… obviously the professor changed the name of the race after he realized that traditionally hobgoblins were a benevolent, smallish variation of goblins. Which D&D hobgoblins are not. So, in The Lord of the Rings they start to appear as Uruk-Hai.

I can live with that.

So, my campaigns from now on will refer to hobgoblins as Uruk-Hai. Just as halflings should be hobbits (or maybe kenders if everything goes sour), treants are just an evil variant of ents, spectres are Nazgul… did I forget something?


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