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Dying is fun

Red Dice

Red Dice (Photo credit: Will Merydith)

It should not be, I guess, but the whole game got an additional quality when my magic user bought the farm and had his face melted by some slime/shoggoth-like creature in what turned out to be an epic battle. Then our resident goblin and beastmen companions looted our bodies and went home. Much fun was had.

The Vaults of Ur is a Constantcon game over G+, and I have to say that yes, it turns out G+ hangouts are really easy to use. It still took me a while to get into the whole thing, but that also might be connected with the fact that I slept about 2 hours tonight. As much as I like nightshifts, they ARE screwing with my sleep-wake cycle. For large parts of the game I was the typical quiet gamer with the overglazing eyes. Next time will not be too much bettert.

But  anyway, the game was fun, and definitely something I will try again. Most likely as a DM as well. That is something I noticed: I was way less active as a player than I generally am as a DM. Gamemastering is stressful and rewarding, but I am not really used to playing that much. I always was the guy with the rulebooks, and as that always was the guy to do the DM when it came to playing. It felt really weird actually sitting on the other side.


One response to “Dying is fun

  1. Justin March 11, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Thanks for playing!


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