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And this is why I stopped playing M:tG

Blast from the past!

Oh look, this is why I stopped playing Magic: The Gathering: Serra Avatar.

Seriously though, I was one of the first people in my area who knew Magic. My first set was 3rd edition with additional cards from Legends, Antiquities, Fallen Empires, and Arabian Nights. I showed it to this neighbour of mine who would also be one of my long-term rpg players.

That was roughly around the time when Urzas Saga came out. We played a few dozen games with the cards I had, because he didn’t have any, yet.

Two weeks later he invites me again, by then he has one of the most extensive card collections in the county. Among the cards: Serra Avatar.

He stomps me, two or three times, the last time even taking his time because he felt it was more fun if I could put up a fight. And that’s the moment when I gave up on Magic.

Oh, I of course could have bought the cards to match his decks. But then of course I would have lacked the funds for roleplaying games, and as it was rpgs that brought me to M:tG in the first place…


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