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mumble, mumble, mumble…
Ok, It is a bit silly. I have been living in Poland for over one and a half years now, and the only thing I can sing about the traditional birthday song is the beginning. And there it’s only because it has the same name a city on the Discworld. (Sto Lat=A Hundred Years)

The last entry was entry number 100 on this blog, and I decided to put this in between the posts because it would be kind of silly, although appropriate, to celebrate this occasion with a post on Pirate Penguins. Ah, by the way: coming up next: Pirate Penguins!
This blog had 100 posts by now, and has been online for nearly a year. I didn’t really time that right, if I really had wanted I could have had number 100 on the exact birthday. But then I thought… nah.
Anyway, many thanks to all my readers, I hope your time on this blog did not feel completely wasted.

Thank you!


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