Stuffed Crocodile

Mazes, Martians, Mead

Quotes I

Dungeon crawl in 3rd edition. The characters find a giant demon statue with rubies as eyes.
me: “you cannot get those out just with your bare hands.”
player 1: “ok, I need a dagger, hey, do you have a dagger?”
player 2: “yeah, but…”
player 1: “doesn’t matter, I use the dagger for prying out the rubies.”
me: “ok, you now have two rubies as big as your fists.”
player 1: “I give back the dagger.”
player 2: “oh no you don’t.”
player 1: “what?”
player 2: “that was the cursed dagger I got three rooms back. You know, the one you can’t let go off once you wield it?”


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