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d20 Encounters in the Library of Unseen University

English: One of the aisles inside Chetham's Li...

One of the more accessible areas of the library

d20 Unseen University Library Encounters
1. Bookworm! Out of nowhere a magical bookworm starts to burrow through the side of a bookshelf and into the next. Everyone in the vicinity has a 1/20 chance of being hit for 1d6 damage
2. Solitary Rogue Thesaurus hunting for smaller dictionaries and manuals.
3. Tribe of lost research students hunting. 1d6 1st level magic users
4. lost research wizard, scarred and bruised, a hat made out of the pages of an ancient grimoire (1d3 spells), begs characters to take him with them
5. free spells. these spells have broken free and now are inhabiting a small part of the library. roll randomly to determine type. Roll 1d6:1-4: nothing happens, 5: spells trying to act out their nature on the characters, 6: they are friendly and trying to find a new home
6. gap to L-Space, from here the bookshelves seem to stretch even longer into the distance, far much further than they should logically be able to
7. trap to L-space, just as 6, but this one is not easily recognizable as a gap. Maybe it is on the floor. can be found as normal traps
7a. grimoire of ancient power and vile evilness, this is a really terrible grimoire that holds secrets unknown to men. Unfortunately it is written in a language nobody has understood for 7.000 years, and it is so aggressive it had to be chained to a large stone table. Characters might try opening and reading it, but the thing likes to bite
9. a herd of 1d8 small grimoires. These books are shy and skittish, but they contain 1d4 spells of 1st and 1 spell of second level each. They like to bite though. Characters should be aware of how dangerous these can be.
10. Death from Above! 1d4 spellbooks try to kill and eat the characters by the old drop bear tactic: drop on them from high and kill them, then feast on their remains. Although technically they were going for other books they might make an exception for the characters
11. There is a spot in the shelf that seems oddly free of dust and cobwebs. A short search finds a book of erotic poetry among works on the theory of thaumic resonance in gardening
12. There is a loud holler and a dark shadowy figure formed a bit like a sack of potatoes is moving very fast along the bookshelves, swinging from one enourmously high shelf to the next.
13. magical lightning crackles among one shelf of strange, forbidding books. touching it with bare hands or metal will result in 1d4 damage as a result
14. Aerial Rats are trying to build themselves a small community here
15. A skeleton can be found, reading a book on a table. Investigating will show the skeleton to be a totally inanimate skeleton, and the book a Howtoe off Selff-Hypnoticks
16. The heroes see themselves in the distance, going in the other direction
17. A stash of bananas can be found about 6 foor over the floor. They look fresh.
18. Whispering in the aisles as if someone is having a hushed but intense discussion, when the heroes look there will be no-one around.
19. Whoops? Where did that aisle go you just came from? Now there is a dead end where there was an aisle before. You swear the bookshelves just moved.
20. Students! You meet a group of students actually trying to study. Weird!

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