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[Labyrinth Lord] Hopping Half-Vampire Freaks

Oh, today is one of these fantastic days.

Around 13:45 I say to myself: “Hey, it’s sunny and warm right now, let’s put all my trousers into the laundry! They will be dry until I have to work tomorrow.”

At 14:15 my colleague calls and says” “Hey, where are you? You have afternoon shift today.”

And I say: “Oh, f—.”

My schedule this month is kind of crazy.

So I am sitting at work right now, thinking about what to do with my time. I found a pair of jogging trousers in my wardrobe which of course are totally against the company dress code, so shhhhh… There is nothing to do, no mails, no tasks, hopefully no calls.
Because if there is a call it means something has gone belly up. And I really can do without that.

So, what to do with the time?

Hopping Half-Vampire Freaks
No. Enc.: 1d2 (1d6)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 60’ (20’)
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 1 (touch, see below)
Damage: 1d8, drain life energy
Save: F4
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: VII

In certain regions of the multiverse the local vampires are not the noble and glamourous monsters they have come to be known as in the rest of the world. They instead are freakish creatures that lure unsuspecting victims into the darkness of the wood to suck out their blood. The interesting part about these beings in this case is that they literally are half-humanoid in their appeareance. The right or the left half to be exact. Legend says that these beings are created by mad shamans or others of similar disposition by using the corpses of murderers executed by being sawed in half. It seems that the bodies of people executed that way are easy to possess for the demons and spirits that animate the bodies of the soulless.

The resulting undead are… notoriously hard to control thanks to a very limited intelligence (they both have only half a brain after all…) and very thirsty for human blood. They nevertheless have similar problems as other vampires, while the stake to the heart might not work against them that well, the powers of clerics affect them like mummies, and sunlight burns them like fire.

New spell:

Two for the price of one
Level Shaman 3, Cleric 4
Range Touch
Duration: Ritual

The spellcaster creates a vortex into the netherrealms inviting a host of demonic spirits to inhabit the half-bodies of a murderer sawed in half. Both body parts will animate and follow the will of the spellcaster to a certain degree (the resulting creatures notoriously being dumb as bread).


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