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Wuxia for the OSR

The Flying Swordsmen RPG is now available. This looks extremely cool from what I have seen so far. Actually I would like to have a paper copy of this in my shelf. It looks so far the most impressive of all tries to get some oriental flavor into the D&D game.

It uses special stunt dice for conflict resolution, and as far as I have seen, an adaption of what seems like 3rd edition feats into the system as spell-like martial arts. Spell-like in the sense that any class might learn a specific amount of martial arts per level, they do not seem to be restricted in how often they can be used during a day. At least if I understood that right.

Anyway, looks very promising, and I guess I will see what I can do with that particular game. Even reading it makes me want to play a game with it. On the other hand I just watched A Chinese Ghost Story again, so there is that.


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