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Stuff to add to my homebrew system

Stuff to add to my homebrew system:

The Land of Nod’s Beastmaster class. There is a large part of fantasy/adventure literature that gets short shrift by us roleplayers because nobody ever thought about putting that particular character concept into a class. Well, here’s for all those wanting to play Tarzan.

The Land of Nod’s Scientist class. I might not actually use this in all my campaigns, but it is an archetype that could be seen as quite universal. Also I was wondering if I wanted to have a more technology centered class in the setting, but so far all variants i looked at (Alchemists et al.) were a bit lacking. This class has some beautiful ideas in there.

And the Bard from there. Seriously, The Land of Nod has some awesome stuff, just as I would like it in my own game. The kicker about the bard? The class doesn’t have proper spells. For some reason I never thought it a good idea to give access to spells to most of the characters possible. The class DOES have some spell like abilities, but not the usual spell lists that for some reason really don’t fit. (The Barbarian from the same article doesn’t really fit in my opinion)

The Yogi:  a pacifist cleric variation that does not get experience from violence. Sounds like an interesting challenge to me.


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