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Board Game Bug

My computers are broken, my players and me live in different timezones right now (thank you, nice manager who planned our shifts…), the rest of the country is in football fever (European Championship is on), and I just got bitten by the boardgame bug.

I happened last Sunday. We woke up early, considering that it was Sunday. But I had the 6am shift the whole week before, my fiance had a toothache, the cats were hungry, and the room was too hot. So we sit in the other room, and while she is reading on her PC I look at my collection of game. We brought most of my rpg collection from Germany when we were there last. But I notice something else.

“We don’t really have a lot of boardgames, do we?” I ask her, and she says:

“No, we don’t.”

“Hmm…” I say, and look at those very basics hat we have. Chess (two sets), Go, Domino, Poker. Very classic. Illuminati, Knightmare Chess, and Loupes Garou. A bit more modern. I slowly realize that I brought barely anything playable from home. Most games are two-player games, Loupes Garou is a sort of party roleplaying game, only Illuminati is a normal boardgame for normal people, and that one is the German version. Not all my players speak enough German to play it.

Oh well, I say, lets see what I can find board game wise, and I waste the rest of my Sunday trying to find the perfect games to buy. And the rest of the week.


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