Stuffed Crocodile

Mazes, Martians, Mead

[Traveller] Spacer Hill

needed: E or D starport on small colony.

Father John Xubulr has a problem: he is the priest for the local community on this godforsaken planet (or at least the only one at it’s spaceport) and one of his fold has died recently. The old spacer Jacso had been in space for nearly his whole lifetime, shipping goods to the nearby planets, both in and out of the starsystem. Now he is dead, and his last wish was to be buried on spacer hill, a part of the local graveyard that is rising over the spaceport.
For generations the hill has been reserved for the spacers of the community, those who lived their live between the worlds to bring home wealth and prosperity, and it has been like that since the colony was founded hundreds of years ago. There is a problem though:  old Jacso had been in an accident way back when he was doing shippings for one of the megacorps, and half his body had been replaced with cybernetics on the company’s bill.

He was an old spacer, and nobody gave him much grief for it, even though a lot of them started to stare at the chrome he had.
Now the local folks are enraged: no way will they allow a dirty stinkin’ robot be buried on their hill! He might have been born here, but he was half machine and he should go to the scrapyard like the rest of them.
Father John has a problem here and needs some help: he promised Old Jacso to bury him up the hill, and part of the congregation expects him to do exactly that. A vocal minority is dead set against this and threatens violence if that “dirty chipper” is even brought close to the hill.
Father John will offer the characters a handsome amount of money the old spacer left to the parish if they will help him get the body (which is heavy due to the cybernetics in it) to the hill and into the ground.

1. Everything is as it appears. The people who are against the burial grumble a bit but nothing happens.
2. As 1. but the people take an intense dislike to the “blasphemers”. They will not make this known directly, but small stuff (spare parts for the starship going missing, refusal of service, etc.) should bring it across.
3. The characters have a lynchmob at hand and will kill father John if nothing is done against that
4. as 3. but the characters also will notice an intense dislike and some sabotaged equipment on their spaceship, some of which might even lead to problems in space. If the characters are not here with their own ship there might be a chance that they become stranded due to the captains dislike for their actions.
5. As above, but somebody will try to get rid of the body by digging it out again after the burial
6. as 5. but the body removes itself from the grave: the cybernetics were more extensive than one would have imagined and the characters now have to deal with a cyberzombie.

Inspired by Marvel Star Wars #7, which was a direct continuation of the movie. The story itself was lackluster: after making a comic version of Star Wars the comic artists started doing their own storylines in the marvel comics and they su… uhm… didn’t know where to go with their storyline. At least in the beginning. The next two issues had a green space bunny and a humanoid porcupine in a variant of the Seven Samurai.


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