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Diary of the Doctor Who Role-Playing Games

Over the years there have been multiple attempts [1] to create a Doctor Who RPG. Unfortunately those were not as successful as one would expect. The last incarnation, Cubicle 7‘s Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space seems to have some success though, so much that they recently published the second edition of that game.

Nevermind that though, there is a fanzine for that: The Diary of the Doctor Who Role-Playing Games (what a strange little title…) is already on issue 18 and looks very promising. It supports all the commercial variations that were published so far and has some interesting adventures in there every issue.

I guess once you get past the obvious issue with such a game (so, who of you is going to play the 1100-year old alien with the magic spacetime machine and the sonic screwdriver, and who’ll play the kissogram and the nurse?) one is left with a very imaginative universe that allows pretty much every adventure possible. The big strength of the series always was that the science fiction elements are just the background used to drop the heroes into whatever setting the writer felt like writing this week. A plot device that I think would work awesomely with some styles of roleplaying. Some, not all. I can’t see it working with my Traveller campaign for example.

But considering that my girlfriend jumped on the idea of a Doctor Who RPG as soon as I mentioned the existence of such, and considering all my players are fans of the series as well, I guess there will at least be a one-shot like that in the near future.

[1] the latter link will lead to the Wikipedia article on the Timelord RPG btw, which is available for free online. Not too bad.


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