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[Labyrinth Lord] Viking

English: An illustration of Vikings on a boat.

English: An illustration of Vikings on a boat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Requirements: CON 9
Prime Requisite: STR
Hit Dice: 1d8
Maximum Level: 12

Vikings have a reputation to be great seamen, great drinkers, and often inclined to appropriate other’s property if it is not defended properly. Often a Viking ship is both trader and raider in one. They often test the waters first to see if the place they arrived in is defended, and will try to raid it if it isn’t.
They are proud and tall humans, more often than not blonde or redhaired (although their travels take them far and wide and bring back quite a lot of other blood). They value the sea and often will settle somewhere close to it.
However, they can use any weapon or armor, but they prefer axes, swords, and shields.

If professional skills are used they automatically gain the skill seafarer in addition to any other skill.

They have their own tongue, even though all of them are versed in the common tongue as well (as it is an important trade language). Because of their frequent interaction with them, Vikings often also speak dwarvish, gnome, and elvish.

Reaching 9th Level: When a viking reaches level 9, he has the option of creating a stronghold that will attract other vikings. Most of the vikings and their families will be of his own clan, but there always might be some others that settle around this new stranghold.

Viking Level Progression
Experience Level Hit Dice (1d8)
0 1 1
2,187 2 2
4,375 3 3
8,751 4 4
17,501 5 5
35,001 6 6
70,001 7 7
140,001 8 8
280,001 9 9
400,001 10 +3 hp only *
540,001 11 +6 hp only *

660,001 12 +9 hp only *

*Hit point modifiers from constitution are ignored

Yes, this has been based on the dwarf. The class is technically not really needed… but I had to remember the fun we had with DSA’s Thorwaler.


2 responses to “[Labyrinth Lord] Viking

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  2. Kobold December 29, 2012 at 4:35 am

    That picture is hilarious – and very apt given its date (1918 or thereabouts). I like the fighting top on the enormous mast in particular. Reminds me of the Dawn Treader, for some reason.


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