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[Traveller] Transhuman Traveller (Part 1)

Transhuman Space

The last few months I have been thinking about welding together the GURPS Transhuman Space and GUPRS Traveller Interstellar Wars settings into a more or less coherent whole. And then to convert it to Mongoose Traveller because I like the ruleset better. Why should I have it easy after all?

Transhuman Space is a very interesting setting postulating how life might be at the end of the 21st century, in a world where most changes that affected mankind have been more or less revolutionary, but not catastrophic. There hasn’t been any really large war, disaster, or plague, humans haven’t all of a sudden learned to use Psi-powers, aliens are not known, at least none that are extraterrestrial in origin. The setting is limited to the solar system. This does not mean the things that happen are not quite amazing. It basically takes all the developments of the last few years, extrapolates a hundred years into the future, and then runs with the results.
Interstellar Wars on the other hand is a Traveller setting/milieu. It describes the time from the first meeting of Earth and Vilani at the end of the 21st century, to the ill-fated Rule of Man.

Notice something? Both are quite nicely overlapping in parts of the setting. The Transhuman Space setting has a timeline that goes roughly up to the first meeting of the two races according to OTU history.

Interstellar Wars has a bit of a problem with the fact that it’s description of Earth in that time is rather bland and unimaginative. That is rooted in the origins of the system in the 1970s, and the fact that this early history was originally part of another game (Imperium).
So, what I am going to do is try to weld both of them together. Oh, and try to update both settings to our current real life timeline while I am at it. TS was published in 2002, and therefore is fairly recent, but they still miss the mark on a few things. IW, despite the fact that it’s groundworks were laid earlier, is actually a bit better: it just never goes that deep into detail about the solar system.

So, lets see…