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It’s the small things…


My work’s proxy is now blocking this blog because “Games”.

Not WordPress though, just the actual blog. So I can post but cannot read what I posted.


One response to “It’s the small things…

  1. R. A. Whipple (@RA_Whipple) October 13, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    I love me some IT FTW. It reminds me of the Game Master made stupid by “its” programming from rulebooks. Paint-within-the-lines-according-to-the-numbers will never produce a work of art, it will never create an unique flourishing experience for the individual; just reproduce an experience someone else had for the masses, like video games – creating a barrier between the confidence to produce some one requires to create their own artwork and the oppressive self-doubts causing one to plagurize another’s. Whole industries thrive on self-doubts: consulting, self-help, automation IT, Satanic panics, role-playing games….


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