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Did I mention Fluxx before?

We played it again tonight. We had a boardgame evening (no time for proper roleplaying 😦 ), and used Monty Python Fluxx as a warm-up.

You see, there is a basic version of Fluxx, but I haven’t seen that one yet. There also are multiple variations that use different images and themes from each other, some even modifying the rules to get what is basically a completely different game.

The ones I have or have played are Monty Python Fluxx, Star Fluxx, and Cthulhu Fluxx.

The basic rules are simple, and even get put out on a card: Take 1 card, play 1 card. Everyone draws 3 cards in the beginning and then  the game begins.

This means that in the beginning there is not even a victory condition in play. Luckily it does not stay like this for long. Players can play new rules (e.g. a rule that allows to draw multiple cards per turn), can put out “keepers” (which allow to meet victory conditions), goals (which set victory conditions), or other action cards that might completely change the game. Players might encounter “Creepers” which are like Keepers only they attach themselves to the players and bar them from winning.

The basic rules are surprisingly easy, and the game soon drops into a nice rhythm that allows for a fast and fun game.


The variations play with this formula. Monty Python Fluxx is rather weak in this regard, it often has cards that depend on knowing Monty Python and their comedy, and we all know how annoying that can be over time. One card for example demands everyone sing a bar of a Monty Python song. After a dozen versions of Every Sperm is Sacred and Always Look on the Bright Side this becomes frustrating at best.

Cthulhu Fluxx on the other hand makes the game even more twisty than before. Creepers still are bad, unless you turn out to be evil yourself, then having them is a boon. Even some keepers make it more difficult to win, and easier for all to lose. These might not seem to be large changes, but the game actually becomes even more challenging with this. All of a sudden one cannot easily understand anymore if another player just has lousy luck in this round, or is actually working to undermine all the others.

SF_BoxTop_CS3If you want to try the game best get Star Fluxx by the way. More interesting than the MP variation, but less twisty and dark than the Cthulhu version. It also has a surprise type of card that can be played whenever and makes the game more interesting without going too far in the other direction.