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#RPGaDAY2022 Day 5: Why will they like this game?

Will they?

I guess that’s hit and miss. People have different tastes, and what suits one fine doesn’t fit others at all.

That said… I think many people I started with RPGs stayed with the hobby over the years.

I think the main point is getting the concept across. If you start someone who has never played a roleplaying game before with some heavy-handed system there’s a higher chance you’ll lose them. And even if you do, they might see the effort put in for this one system as a barrier to learning anything else.

People always talk about how people don’t want to learn anything else but DnD, but I’ve seen this happen with Das Schwarze Auge, Shadowrun, and World of Darkness. Too much effort put into a system they didn’t even like to play a game that didn’t suit them.

So, how would that beginning game look like? Retroclone rules, most likely a variant on B/X. A simple system with simple tropes that people can get.

A simple dungeon maybe. People malign them, but Dungeons are good because they limit player choice. People don’t get overwhelmed with a dungeon. Go in, steal the treasure/artifact/whatever is a good structure.

A simple home base. Even if its just a tavern, you want to give a reference to the rest of the world.

Alternatively it will be a simple heist a la Shadowrun (go there, steal McGuffin) or a simple horror/investigation scenario like Call of Cthulhu (go there, investigate mystery).

Sure, you want to have an interesting game. But we are talking people who never played RPGs before. The act of just playing the game is novelty enough. Don’t overcomplicate.

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