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Dear Google, are you trying to tell me something?

Does Google know something I don’t know about the RPGBA?


Space Pilgrims

A while ago I noticed an interesting trend in the search terms people used to get to this page: the most common search term so far is “Space Pilgrims” whcih of course leads people to that small Traveller table I whipped together a while back. But of course there are not really any space pilgrims (yet) so why actually search for something like that and land on such an obscure blog as mine? I had to remember this one 80s movie with the teenager who believed he was an alien and wanted to get off Earth, but the only persons that claimed to be able to help him were nutters and madmen. I don’t even know how that ended, or even how it was called, the movie was just so bad I gave up on it after 30 minutes.

But could these people maybe know more than the rest of us…?

Turns out no, Space Pilgrim is a fledling/obscure space rock band. Ah well.