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Why listening to boozed roleplayers is useful (at least sometimes)

English: Warsaw Downtown skyline

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I am listening to the Happy Jacks podcast quite often on my way to work. Together with the RPG Circus and Fear the Boot it is one of the most listenable podcasts about roleplaying around. Ah, well, and it is the funniest, which might have to do with the fact that the guys skillfully blend drinking lots of beer with bullshitting about roleplaying games. Although some of the best ones are the livestreams from the cons they attend, I sometimes have troubles keeping a straight face when on the tram. All of a sudden someone tells about a game that involved dinosaur-riding nazi gnomes or lazerponies with war flashbacks and… I don’t know, I just lose it. My fellow travelers might think I am a bit strange, but well… that might not be so new.
So, what actually peaked my interest was one of these letters they had a while ago, written by an Aneta (wait, whut?!) from Poland (Whut??) talking about expatriates playing games in English.
Hey, that letter is talking about me!
Well, not really. It turns out that what I expected is actually true: there are people playing RPGs in Poland that do play in English and do not actually play Warhammer.
Unfortunately they are in Warsaw, and I am in Łódż, as usual. Because which expatriate would be so stupid as to move to Łódż when he could have the real big city?
Uhm… me.
The Warsaw-centrism in Poland is something really annoying in this country. It’s always either Warsaw (the capital) or Kraków (the historic capital) which get all the glory, jobs, and interesting people.
Oh my god. I sounds like a Lodzian. I have gone native!