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Ancient Star Trek/D&D crossover

Have I mentioned that I love the Wilderlands of High Fantasy? Especially when they are odd and weird and full of errors? From Tegel Manor:

Room M7: Voluptous maiden is wereworf...


Does the fact that the module came out in 1977 preclude a literal interpretation of this entry?

Also, what the hell is that maiden doing with that huge forked tongue? Where did that even come from? How big is it that a were…being needs aid slicing it?


The Wilderlands are a strange place

Ready Ref Sheets, page 49:

Somehow Anchovies are fruits in the Wilderlands

Ready Ref Sheets, pg. 49

By the way, apples show up only as rare crab apples and as the unique Golden Apple. This means that in any given hex you have a 1/400 chance of finding coffee or rubber, but only a 1/8000 chance of finding sour apples. And a 1/16000 chance of finding a non-sour apple that gives immortality.

Have I mentioned I love the old JG stuff?

Wilderlands of… Science Fiction?

I knew that the Wilderlands of High Fantasy have a reputation of a catch all sword and sorcery setting. Then I looked into it searcing for inspiration for my Discworld campaign, and I find this…
I was never good at probability, but if I calculated right, by random determination of any ruin there seems to be a 0.08 chance for finding an operational nuclear submarine and a 0.01 chance for an operational spacecraft.