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State of the Crocodile

I logged in and WordPress tells me my last post was 9 months ago.


Did I mention we have a toddler now? I plan to rear a fledgling gamer over time, but right now he’s more interested in balloons and tractors. One of his favourite activities is going through the picture books we have, pointing out things, and asking what they are.

Tractors mostly, although he branched out to other vehicles lately, so I was able to learn a lot of names for vehicles I never thought I needed to know before.

Of course that means that gaming fell even more to the wayside than usual. For the last six months our group tried to meet up, but was hamstrung by multiple illnesses. Toddlers collect those like teenagers collect Pokémon I guess.

Even this entry was typed up on my phone one-handed while I was rocking the little one to sleep.

So what was I doing?

* Planned a Shadowrun scenario. Of course then I got sidetracked and decided to set it in the 2050s. And then I decided to make it a one shot. Haven’t gotten that far with it. I did read a few of the novels though

* Decided to make my own monster manual. One that includes roleplaying notes and variety tables for all monsters and clears up some of the unnecessary kludge in other manuals (do we really need half a dozen different entries for fish people?) .

* Decided to get some miniatures for my games. Gathered a variety of miniatures I collected over time. Even though I never used them in games I still accumulated a few dozen of them. Unfortunately my plans to get into painting them so far have also been hamstrung. Also tried to find some cheap ways to bulk out my collection and got way too serious with that.

Oh well. Don’t mind typos. This was written on the phone.