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[Wargame] A Sky Full of Ships

A Sky Full of Ships is a nice and very basic looking space combat system that I have been looking into lately. It simulates space combat between single ships rather  nicely, and I thought about using it as a replacement for the usual Traveller ship combat in a few cases (All of those that would involve lots of ships fighting each other… I am planning to hit my players with the Fifth Frontier War soon). Funnily enough I don’t seem to be the only one doing that, as there are some nice and concise other houserules for exactly that on the net.

The system is free and online, and seems to be easy to handle. Which is good, considering that my experiences with wargames are so few to be nearly nonexistant. The rules are lightweight, the stat blocks are a bit crude but effective, and all in all this seems to be a nice addition to my game. Lets see if my players think the same.

A Sky Full of Ships – Free Rules (also as a pdf)

ASFoS-Traveller – Houserules for playing in Traveller

Resource page, with rules for Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, and a few others (seems to be outdated, but the replacement link is not working)