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[Labyrinth Lord] Duckfolk


Requirements: DEX 9, CON 9

Prime Requisite: WIS and CON

Hit Dice: 1d6

Maximum Level: 10

Duckfolk (or Ducks) are a quite agreeable race that resembles anthroid, oversized ducks. Despite their biological differences to most other races they integrate easily into other societies, in most cases living the quite and unremarkable life of artisans and tinkerers. Some of them are driven to adventure though, some by a remarkable drive to do better than normal, some by sheer misfortune, and some for an uncommon fondness for gold.

Ducks are a bit smaller than Dwarves. They weigh around 100 pounds and reach a height of around 3.5 feet. Their body is covered with feathers that give them excellent heat insulation. They sport a duck beak, webbed feet and palmed arms.

They generally prefer a life of leisure, they value many activities that do not put themselves too much into danger. They will engage in relaxing activities when not on an adventure. Because of their small size and palmed hands, Duckfolk may not use large and two-handed weapons, but may use any other weapon and armor. They must have at least 13 in one or the other prime requisite in order to get the +5% to experience. They must also have a DEX and CON of 13 to get the +10% bonus.

Duckfolk are very good swimmers and are able to stay up to five minutes underwater. As they are covered in feathers they do normally not need further clothing. To show their rank and occupation they will wear shirts and jackets, as well as hats. They do not need to wear trousers and prefer not to in general. A quirk that sometimes leads to conflict with more conservative members of other races, despite the fact that members of both genders do show neither primary nor secondary sex characteristics.

Because they are so small, Duckfolk have a lower armor class (-1) when attacked by creatures greater than human sized.

Even unarmed they can be dangerous, when threatened their beak (which is, unlike those of real ducks, fitted with strong teeth) can cause mean wounds when used to bite an opponent (1d4).

Reaching 10th Level: When a member of the Duckfolk reaches level 10 they can found a village. These villages will be in serene valleys along rivers, lakes, or the shore of the ocean. Duckfolk and others will come to settle there. The character becomes the leader of the people and must rule them wisely.

Duckfolk Level Progression

Hit Dice: 1d6 per level

Experience (Level) Pick Pockets Move Silently Hide in Shadows

0…………….. (1)……….23 23 13

1,565……….. (2)……….27 27 17

3,125……….. (3)……….30 30 20

6,251……….. (4)……….37 37 27

12,501……… (5)……….40 40 30

25,001…….. (6)………..43 43 37

50,001…….. (7)………..53 53 47

100,001…… (8)………..63 63 57

200,001…… (9)………..73 73 67

300,001…… (10)………83 83 77

400,001…… (11)……….93 93 87

500,001…… (12)……… 105 95 90

As an Advanced Edition Character Race


Requirements: DEX 9, CON 9

Ability Modifiers: CON +1, STR -1

Ability Min/Max: STR 3/17, DEX 3/18, CON 8/18, INT 5/18, WIS 3/18, CHA 6/18

Duckfolk Classes Available

Class Level Limit

Fighter 8

Thief 14

Druid 10

Magic-User 9

Duck-Folk Thief Skill Adjustment

Pick Pockets +10%

Move Silently +5%

Hide in Shadows +5%

Well, it’s not hard to notice what particular ideas I drew upon for that. Ducks somehow lend themselves to be thought as as characters, and then one thinks about it a bit more and notices: no wait, that might be stupid. Nevertheless they seem to have been a part of the Runequest rules since the very beginning (even if I only know the 3rd edition, the sample adventure in the rulebook had a duck in it, even though the rest of the rulebook was set in some sort of fantasy Europe…).

This article was sent to the newsletter of the Labyrinth Lord Society, but for some reason it stopped publishing once I did so. So I guess I broke the newsletter. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

Illustration by the most awesome Steve Zieser.


7 responses to “[Labyrinth Lord] Duckfolk

  1. Jeff Rients April 1, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    This is pretty groovy.


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  6. Rousselin November 14, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Hi ! I found your idea fantastic and quite fun, so I’ve written a translation in french, with a link to your website, on my blog. You can find it here :



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